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Strong wind meter
The only wind sensors that have reached the triode (the earth's south pole, the Arctic and the most advanced) have been used in more than 1400 sets of meteorological and marine departments.
The use of the Haihua strong wind meter at the Zhongshan Railway Station
Wind observation in the North Pole
The use of Haihua strong wind in Mount Qomolangma
ARGO buoy
The buoy uses precise adjustment technology, Beidou satellite communication application technology, 400 meter buoy anti touch technology and whole machine reliability technology. At present, more than 100 sets have been provided to the users.
Surface drifting buoy
The surface drifting buoy has the function of automatic continuous observation of sea surface temperature and current, and the positioning function of Argos satellite communication system. At present, 350 sets are applied in marine survey and various special projects.

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