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Product after sale service promise
Haihua technology development center, in line with the spirit of "high quality, excellent service and development", solemnly promises to you with "adherence to the principle of honesty, rapid response and sincere service" and sincere and responsible principle.
Quality assurance of instrument and equipment
In order to guarantee the quality of the products, all the products of the company are produced in strict accordance with the relevant standards and processes. The inspection procedure is carried out for 100% of the inspection procedures. Provide product inspection report and product certificate for the customer.
In order to protect customers' use of the instruments and equipment that are purchased, we provide written and image editing products to use the operation instructions, so as to ensure that users can install and use our company's products correctly.
The principle of product warranty and maintenance
Because products are affected by marine environmental factors, different types of instruments use different environments, and the stipulations of product warranty and repair period are also different. They should be based on the terms stipulated in the product contract and execute.
The setting of the warranty period of the instrument and equipment that has not been stipulated in the contract
The warranty period for 12 months, since the acceptance within a year in addition to human and equipment damage caused by force majeure, the company responsible for the free replacement and maintenance.
The warranty is set up for three years, and within three years after acceptance, except for the equipment damage caused by human force and force majeure, the company provides free maintenance, and only charges the cost for parts that need to be replaced.
Lifelong maintenance, equipment repair, use period more than the warranty period, the company responsible for the equipment to continue to use during maintenance, travel charge reasonable maintenance and spare parts costs and maintenance process occurs.
Technical support
Our company will provide users with free and detailed technical support for a long time. In order to facilitate the management of users, we will provide users with a complete set of device management programs to ensure users get the value-added services in time. The dispatched personnel are skilled workers who are familiar with products, have comprehensive technology and have separate installation, use and maintenance. They can completely relieve you of your worries and make them play their greatest value.
After-sale service project
Technical Advisory Service
Customers can ask questions and related technical problems in the process of use free of charge through my company's telephone, e-mail, online message board and so on.
service after selling goods for a stated period
According to users' archives, visit customers regularly during the maintenance period of related products / Engineering / technology projects, understand the usage and answer questions, and accept customers' quality improvement suggestions with an open mind.
Emergency service
The company immediately responds to the general problems raised by the user's maintenance requests. Major problems should be urgently discussed and communicated with customers timely, and solutions for problems can be produced.
When the field service or problem solving is needed, the 200km will arrive at the site within 24 hours to solve the problem, and more than 48 hours of 200km get to the site to solve the problem. (during the holiday period, the emergency service time should be negotiated with the customer)
Training items
In order to enable users to master the basic essentials of hardware devices, understand their direction of development and enhance cooperation between them, our company will train customers.
For the training of comprehensive, integrated projects or large complex instruments and equipment, our technicians will cooperate closely with the users and technicians in the service process to complete the system installation, debugging and integration work together. During this period, users can achieve their own maintenance and application work. After the completion of the system, our company will continue to provide technical advice to users for a long time, and further provide technical information to users.
Training content of general instrument and equipment
Product profile;
Instrument and equipment configuration method;
Coordination between equipment and equipment;
Daily maintenance of instruments and equipment;
As the rapid development of marine science and technology research, we will continue to promote honesty, truth-seeking, pioneering spirit for the new and old customers; we always remember our service tenet: we provide you with not only products, more important is the service and the overall It's perfection itself. solution. At the same time, we also hope to continue to get the support and help of the new and old users, to strengthen interaction and communication, to develop together, to achieve a win-win situation.

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