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The "unsinkable" buoy

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In the morning of August 6th, the first 6 m large and medium size divided assembly foam floating body ocean observation buoy was successfully set up in the Red Bay area of Shanwei. The buoy is built with the buoy of 3 meters in the Beibu Gulf of Zhanjiang, the 3 meter buoy in Maoming port and the 3 meter buoy in Yangjiang Nan Peng islands. It forms the preliminary observation network of Guangdong's autonomous maritime buoy.
The buoy is independently developed by the National Oceanic Technology Center, which is made by our department, with a diameter of 6 meters. Compared with the traditional one steel buoy, there are three innovations: one is the floating body adopts solid non absorbent foam core coated with high strength and high elastic shell, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, difficult damage, easy maintenance, long service life, called unsinkable buoy; two is the use of modular design, realizes the split the conventional land vehicle transportation, on-site assembly, the assembly type design can ensure the quality of products, and can quickly arrived around the convenient assembly, only 1 weeks to complete the delivery; three is the water stability and good dynamic performance, better adapt to the Guangdong Province Taiwan wind waves of the marine environment.
The new buoy is put in use, for the first time in the remote area in Guangdong Province, with China's Beidou and CDMA communication, combined with the shore station data receiving and processing system, can weather, hydrology and water quality of the observed area for long-term all-weather real-time monitoring, to further improve the Guangdong province ocean observation ability and level that would be of important significance for Guangdong Province, marine transportation, aquiculture and disaster prevention and mitigation. Our country will continue to uphold the "Belt and Road Initiative, marine power construction and other major strategic deployment, continue to make efforts and struggle for national marine industry.

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